DocuWare has over 12,000 customers globally. Of those, more than half use DocuWare for different functions in finance – accounts payables, accounts receivables, employee records, contract management, and more. For processes like invoice processing within accounts payables, DocuWare is used by Accounts Payable Specialists, Senior Accounts Payable Specialist, Accounts Payable Managers,“ as well as Directors of Finance and CFO for day-to-day operations. These staff members ensure processes run smoothly, and handle exceptions that fall outside automated workflows. Managers with approval rights would also use DocuWare regularly. Their responsibility is to review and approve, which typically takes seconds. (DocuWare can also enable Purchase Order (PO) creation, serve as a secure document archive, or handle other processes within which these managers might participate.) Often, Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) will use DocuWare to approve key invoices, review important documents, or examine process efficiency. Depending on the size and setup of your organization, this may or may not be day-to-day.
Category: Invoice Processing