How does the solution work in detail?

Contact us and we will show you DocuWare for invoice processing in a free web presentation. You also have the opportunity to test the solution free on a trial, even with your own data.

How much does the invoice processing solution cost?

DocuWare’s invoice processing solution uses DocuWare Cloud as its platform with preconfigured workflows, profiles and settings to simplify deployment. The solution’s pricing model is based on DocuWare Cloud tiers, which defines users and storage as follows: Cloud Base: Includes 4 named client users with 20 GB storage Cloud Professional: Includes 15 named client users with […]

Does DocuWare integrate with other systems?

Yes. If you’re running SAGE, QuickBooks or other financial software, integration is possible. DocuWare has successfully integrated with over 500 unique applications across 12,000 customers in 90 countries. We offer robust integration methodologies, from point-and-click simple to deep API-based integration. There are also dedicated connectors for SAP, Outlook and more available. The invoice processing solution […]

How long does it take to get up and running?

DocuWare’s preconfigured solution for invoice processing can be deployed in three days or less depending on the complexity of your implementation, including user training. We have a Statement of Work that defines the simple implementation steps. We do this installation and training remotely, ensuring minimal disruption of your operations while increasing your AP department’s efficiency […]

Can the solution help with audit preparation and response?

DocuWare’s invoice processing solution is a great tool to help you prepare material and respond to audits in an efficient and complete manner. All invoices are searchable in a few clicks and easy for auditors to use and findable by vendors, amounts, dates or whatever other data is needed. And if you have integrated with […]

Do I need to buy every feature, or can I just buy what I need?

Unlike competitors, DocuWare does not tier pricing on features. Any tier of DocuWare Cloud (which is the foundation of our invoice processing solution) comes with every feature and capability unlocked and available on day one. This enables you to grow and configure DocuWare in a way that supports your unique organization and not worry about […]

Who deploys and configures the solution?

The solution is deployed and configured by one of our AMS DocuWare Professional Service Team members. Because the solution is a preconfigured version of DocuWare Cloud, it provides the best of two worlds: always-on, highly flexible cloud platform (no local data centres and long IT schedules) with everything you need for invoice processing preconfigured and […]

Is the solution available in the cloud?

Yes. DocuWare’s solution for invoice processing is a preconfigured version of DocuWare Cloud. This means you get every feature and capability of DocuWare Cloud (plus the security, scalability and flexibility of a cloud-native application) but with profiles, workflows, settings and other relevant material already setup and ready to go. DocuWare Cloud is “software-as-a-service” (SaaS) application […]

How many users and documents does the solution support?

DocuWare’s solution for invoice processing uses DocuWare Cloud as its platform, but provides preconfigured workflows, profiles and settings to simplify deployment and get your team up and running quickly. The solution is based on DocuWare Cloud tiers, which defines users and storage as follows: Cloud Base: Includes 4 named client users with 20 GB storage Cloud Professional: Includes […]

Who would use the solution on a day-to-day basis?

DocuWare has over 12,000 customers globally. Of those, more than half use DocuWare for different functions in finance – accounts payables, accounts receivables, employee records, contract management, and more. For processes like invoice processing within accounts payables, DocuWare is used by Accounts Payable Specialists, Senior Accounts Payable Specialist, Accounts Payable Managers,“ as well as Directors […]