Starter Guide to Building a Mobile Workforce

Published on May 11, 2020

See why 500,000 users across 70 countries trust and use DocuWare every day.

Developed by DocuWare in partnership with AIIM, this starter guide helps provide a greater understanding and insight into building a mobile workforce.

Forward thinking organisations are adopting a connected and mobile workforce that outperforms their in office counterparts.

Those organisations that are tied to tradition risk getting left behind as agility, flexibility, and connectivity become bellwether requirements of digital transformation.

Recent AIIM research on implementing a digital workforce strategy found that:

75% of organisations feel that getting the right information to the right person in context is a problem. Increased efficiency and productivity (56%), improved problem solving and collaboration (45%), and better levels of customer service (38%) were named as the top three drivers for a digital workforce.

A best practice is a thoughtful focus on identifying and building upon the core capabilities workers need to get their work done.

Small and mid-sized businesses are perhaps in the best position to take advantage of trends toward a mobile workforce. A smaller scope and fewer parts and pieces lend an edge over larger enterprises lumbering to react.

Indeed, improvements to operational performance are fuelling adoption as SMBs recognise that a mobile workforce can quickly level the playing field with their larger competitors.

Every organisation in the world is on, or should be on, a Digital Transformation journey. How effectively you navigate this journey relies on how adept your organisation is at combating the rising tide of information chaos.

This requires new strategies and skills that extend beyond traditional ECM. We call this modern approach Intelligent Information Management.

Companies of all sizes use DocuWare to drive better customer service, improve efficiency, lower operational costs, support compliance by digitising paper-based data and information, and automate business processes.

Get in touch with AMS if you have any questions regarding the guide and we’ll be happy to help.

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