Security & Compliance

Protect confidential information, secure your business operations from anywhere, at any time, and keep control of your data.

DocuWare Security & Compliance

Process transparency

Digitisation with DocuWare stands for traceability and offers 100% transparency. Thanks to detailed logging and analysis of all actions, you always have full control over document versions, changes and processes. Manage your operations digitally and automatically using workflows, allowing your employees to work in a timely and transparent manner, helping with your Security & Compliance, in addition to increasing your efficiency.

Confidentiality through access control

Access to documents and workflow information in DocuWare is based on a complex permissions structure. This way, you can manage and control which employees receive which permissions for reading, saving, processing, exporting, editing, or even deleting data.

As a result, you can organize all your operations in a way that keeps your data and documents confidential and protected. You verify the integrity of important documents in the workflow with legally valid electronic signatures.

Protection against cryptoviruses and other malware

DocuWare Cloud provides top-level protection for your documents against criminal extortion software like ransomware and other malware. With Microsoft Azure as its foundation, 99% of all viruses are already known, which is why a contaminated document is immediately recognized as such by DocuWare and can’t even be archived.

Even in the case of a completely new virus, it would not be able to spread to the organization’s other documents, because the malware has no access to the corresponding data store. This is due to DocuWare Cloud’s architecture always ensuring a high level of security for virus protection.

Emergency recovery and performance

Natural disasters or other crises can happen anywhere, any time, and even the most secure data centre can be affected. That is why having reserve copies of data at other centres is essential to our customers. Ensure your business continuity with redundant data backups saved multiple times, thanks to which all of your documents and information can be made available again in no time. At peak times when your business is being put through its paces and many employees are working on a great number of tasks at the same time, DocuWare scales automatically, all while performing at the same high standard.

For a deeper dive on the security of the DocuWare platform. Download our: White Paper Security document here

Protection and business continuity with DocuWare Cloud

Your employees always have access to documents and information, whether from the office, their home office or on the road. Protection of data and communication is always our top priority here. Business operations are secured.

Document encryption

All documents are stored with AES encryption. For maximum protection, DocuWare relies on a key size of 256 bits, with symmetrical keys of 1024 bits. A new symmetrical key is generated for every document. This means that patterns cannot be recognised, or keys calculated even with crypto analysis.

Communication encryption

The entire data traffic takes place via HTTPS with TLS encryption. This prevents critical data such as passwords and financial information from being captured. All customer data is secured via VPN at data centres used by DocuWare Cloud. In addition, technologies such as HSTS protect the cloud services, for example, against downgrade attacks and cookie hijacking.

Data separation in the cloud

Your data is strictly separated from the DocuWare system data and, of course, also from that of other customers. All actions are also logged.

Data storage and redundancy

With DocuWare Cloud, data is stored on a triply-mirrored basis in data centres within the EU data region. In addition, the documents are also stored at a second location in the same region.

Compliance and certifications

With DocuWare and AMS certifications, we’re perfectly placed to help your business be compliant. DocuWare as a product, AMS as a business, and the platform itself meet the requirements standards, and regulations to ensure your information and data security.

Building trust with independent testing

DocuWare is tested regularly and certified by independent third-party institutions. The objective audits focus on security as well as processes.

DocuWare as a solution and as a company comply with international, national and industry standards.

Plus, certifications from other software developers and hardware manufacturers prove you can seamlessly and securely integrate DocuWare with many other applications.

You’re in safe hands with AMS obtaining the ISO27001 accreditation and DocuWare having also received many awards by expert organisations and specialist publications.


The European General Data Protection Regulation takes care of Security & Compliance and aims to address the protection of personal data in the EU and the EEA.

It affects EU-based companies and foreign companies operating in the EU. DocuWare enables you to store and process data and documents to ensure GDPR compliance.

DocuWare White Paper System Architecture

Version 7.4

The White Paper System Architecture was recently updated to reflect DocuWare version 7.4 and provides a great look at the inner workings of DocuWare On-Premises.

The white paper gives a basic blueprint of DocuWare On-Premises, including the system’s components, settings and scaling options. You can also learn about the entire infrastructure as well as front-end and back-end services.

If you have any questions, please give us a call or complete the form here

Why choose us to be your Document Management Partner?

Technical Expertise

We’re not only experts in the DocuWare solution and business process improvement, but also have a software development team who have undertaken numerous development projects on behalf of our clients. This enables us to provide bespoke solutions and integration with your existing systems taking away any technical headaches you may have.

Excellent Support

We’re very proud of the reputation we have for providing excellent support. Our dedicated in-house support team are very responsive and experienced. Our extensive support services are provided in a number of ways to best suit your particular requirements including telephone, email, online, remote access and on-site visits.


We are a highly accessible organisation and when you pick up the phone to us someone will speak to you straight away. We like to get to know our customers and work closely with you to ensure you get maximum value from your DocuWare solution. We’re here for the long term not just for the initial implementation.


Our sales and technical consultants are highly experienced and fully qualified. We follow an effective and efficient process to understand the relevant business process, design and implement the solution to meet your needs.

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