Recorded Webinar: Document Management for Finance Webinar

Published on March 31, 2022

See why 500,000 users across 70 countries trust and use DocuWare every day.

Document Management for Finance – Webinar Recording

Get the most out of your Document Management System with Intelligent Capture and Automated Workflows.

In this Webinar you’ll understand how to:

    • Get the most out of your Document Management System
    • Intelligently capture index information
    • Improved access with easy search and retrieval of documents, including mobile apps
    • Automate approval workflows
    • Validate and match Invoices, PO’s and Delivery Notes
    • Export invoice data for importing to finance systems

Break free from paper automate your invoice processing

1. Capture

DocuWare’s Intelligent Indexing replaces error-prone and time-consuming data entry by recognising and recording all the data printed on invoices.

2. Secure storage

Effortlessly archive and retrieve digital documents. All invoices are stored within a secure, accessible repository, tightly organised based on captured index data. Access anytime, anywhere, from any device.

3. Automated workflow

Digitally route invoices through approval chains for faster decision-making, or initiate a straight-through approval based on your predefined business rules.

DocuWare transforms Finance into a profit-driving leader

At a moment’s notice, finance must deliver key figures that show the company’s market position as well as profitability and liquidity. This is only possible if the core processes of accounts payable and accounts receivable are executed securely and error-free.

Often, outdated paper and manual operations mean costs are recorded too late, approvals take too long, information must be pieced together from disconnected sources, and bookings can’t be completed.

DocuWare document management and workflow automation helps your company leap beyond these barriers by going paperless, with valuable document and process knowledge in one central system, and integrating directly with your ERP for a truly complete information picture.

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