How to Digitise Your Way to Process Improvement

Published on February 3, 2022

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How to Digitise Your Way to Process Improvement

At AMS, we’re sure that automating paper-based processes will have a positive impact on your organisation. The business benefits our customers experience range from cost-savings and increased productivity to creating a happier more productive work environment.

To get a better feel for the efficiencies you can achieve, we have a free visualization tool that enables you, and members of your team, to design and tweak workflow processes with us on a remote session. You can share ideas and collaborate with colleagues remotely – by working with this convenient online methodology. You can try this out by booking a discovery session here

Convert your ideas into actionable workflow steps

Use the Process Planner to test drive your ideas for automating paper-based workflows. We can quickly identify bottlenecks and eliminate unnecessary steps. You don’t need a technical background; we’ll take the reins on that. The whole exercise is simple and intuitive.

The Process Planner’s user-friendly interface makes process mapping and joining forces with your team easy. We’ve provided sample workflow diagrams for common processes including contract management, invoice processing, and employee recruitment to spark the discussion.

Process Planner features that support remote teamwork

Working with you, we’ll:

  • Sketch out simple and more complex processes by using up to 10 process sections within each diagram
  • Cluster multiple processes into different categories for easy reference
  • Publish processes as a PDF or PNG

Try out the Process Planner by booking the session here

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