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Try DocuWare

We provide and support DocuWare for our customers because it’s secure, easy to use and future-proof. DocuWare introduces many cutting-edge features that enable you to turn your documents into what they really are, valuable information that builds capital. Docuware have been providing Document Management and nothing else since 1988, with over 18,000 customers and 500,000 users.

Go Paperless

Modernise your office, free up space and eliminate back scanning by moving towards a paperless office with AMS.

Automate Processes

Digitise common document processes such as accounts payable and employee onboarding with workflow and online approval.

Stay Compliant

Restrict access and ensure availability of documents and data in a highly secure solution with full audit trail and role-based access controls.

Move to the cloud

DocuWare Cloud provides full functionality on a modern and highly secure architecture. Available in the cloud or as on-premise solution.

Intelligent Indexing

This enables you to automatically read and grab information from invoices, making the storing process quicker. This index information can be used for future search and retrieval and integration back into accounting/ERP systems.

SMART Connect

Have a button on any screen within your existing applications to search and retrieve documents stored in DocuWare based on information on your screen at that time. This enables you to work solely from one application.

Powerful Search

One of the main reasons our customers invest in DocuWare. Having the ability to find any document with a single word or phrase will dramatically improve document search and retrieval times in your department or business.


Alleviate bottlenecks in processes by making your work electronic and automated. The powerful workflow design engine will enable you to digitise even the most complex manual processes and automate any chasing or reassignment required.

Businesses Global Trust DocuWare