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AMS Document Solutions

AMS has over 25 years’ experience in delivering document management and workflow solutions to digitise paper-based processes. We’ve transformed business processes for hundreds of customers in the private and public sectors across all industries.

We understand that many of our customers are concerned about embarking on a large document management project with big investment in time and money. Our approach is to start with easy to implement projects which deliver maximum benefit for our customers.

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Go Paperless

Modernise your office, free up space and eliminate back scanning by moving towards a paperless office with AMS.

Automate Processes

Digitise common document processes such as accounts payable and employee onboarding with workflow and online approval.

Stay Compliant

Restrict access and ensure availability of documents and data in a highly secure solution with full audit trail and role-based access controls.

Move to the cloud

DocuWare Cloud provides full functionality on a modern and highly secure architecture. Available in the cloud or as on-premise solution.

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Accounts payable

We’re experienced in helping our customers make great strides in digital transformation of accounts payable. DocuWare Document Management captures paper and electronic invoices and automatically matches them to purchase orders, provides customisable workflow to manage the invoice approval process, and then posts the approved amounts back to the general ledger. Get rid of paper, avoid clerical errors, reduce invoice handling, streamline approval and eliminate manual entry. Most importantly: recapture valuable time for higher-value tasks.

Purchase Request Workflow

Raising a purchase request and passing it to the relevant authoriser can take a significant amount of time. With varying layers and locations within organisations, access to the right people can create obstacles to getting a purchase request agreed and processed. DocuWare Document Management allows users and managers to work together regardless of location, through an automated digital workflow. We will ensure that policies and procedures are adhered to without manual intervention, including a full record of all actions for future reference

Holiday Request

HR managers often have to check holiday requests to make sure the employee has enough days left, and then refer to the relevant line manager, before checking that those dates are available and agreeing to the request. This creates unnecessary administration and resource overhead which we can greatly simplify with DocuWare Document Management. When an employee requests holiday, DocuWare can check the number of days available, notify the respective line manager for authorisation, and only pass the request to HR once those steps have been completed, eliminating most of the resource required to manage this process.

Employee Onboarding

When a new candidate applies for a job, the HR and/or departmental manager will review the application and decide on their suitability. If hired the applicant will need to provide several pieces of information and fill out various forms, often duplicating work across several documents, and creating lots of paper files. With DocuWare we provide a digital way of managing this process, storing the relevant information centrally, and automating communication with the relevant parties. If hired, the new starter can then fill out online forms to create all the necessary paperwork electronically, which get stored in their personnel file within DocuWare.

With AMS, you can:

Capture and organise information

Bring together scanned documents, files created in any program, emails and their attachments, data captured from online forms, and documents captured via mobile devices. Archive it all in a secure and searchable digital repository.

Manage workflow and automate manual steps

Simplify and accelerate document-related tasks with the help of automated workflow. Determine processing steps, easily adapt them to changing requirements, and react immediately to exceptions.

Retrieve information and make smarter decisions

Empower your team to make faster, more informed decisions. All information about a customer, a project or a business process is just a click away from a browser or mobile device. Connect your documents to the data in your CRM and ERP applications.

Why AMS?

Our customers choose to partner with us because of our personal approach and our commitment to make a difference. We have been doing this for 25 years and have transformed business processes for hundreds of customers across the private and public sectors. Our in-house team of engineers and consultants are there to support you every step of the way.

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